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    If you’re looking to live in a place that overlooks the Las Vegas Valley, focus your search on Southern Highlands in Las Vegas, Nevada. This master planned community is located in the southern foothills, making it gorgeous place to take in everything Sin City offers its residents. In addition to the spectacular views around every turn in this enchanting community, you’ll get to make the most of your active lifestyle with opportunities for outdoor living year-round.

    Southern Highlands real estate is ideal for buyers who are looking for places that are incorporated into the natural surroundings, so browse these available properties to find your dream home today.

    Southern Highlands in Las Vegas, Nevada

    Southern Highlands encompasses 2,300 acres of prime real estate in the southern foothills, where you can choose from two distinct neighborhoods during your house hunt in the area. Because Southern Highlands caters to both average and elite home buyers, you can use your budget to guide your search for a new place to live with your loved ones in the Las Vegas Valley.

    The northern half of Southern Highlands includes starter homes and condos designed for residents who are looking to settle down and raise their families in the greater Las Vegas area. In addition to the tree-lined streets with modest houses in this part of Southern Highlands, you’ll find more sophisticated Southern Highlands real estate in the community’s southern half.

    Single-Family Homes in Southern Highlands

    Alongside the affordable neighborhoods in the northern end of Southern Highlands, you’ll find an assortment of upscale single-family homes in its more expensive guard gated neighborhood. The Southern Highlands Golf Club caters to the residents of these custom homes who can either build their own elegant places or look for resale houses in this stunning Sin City locale.

    Because the real estate in this area starts at around one million dollars, you’ll have to pay a pretty penny for a home site on the golf course with enough square feet for your entire family. You can choose the number of bedrooms and bathrooms for your new home, while you have the option to look at luxury semi-custom residences that blend with the natural environment.

    Luxury Amenities in Southern Highlands Homes

    Your decision about the type of home you want for your loved ones is only one of the considerations you have to make when buying a high-end home in this part of Las Vegas. After you figure out how many rooms and how much space you need for your loved ones, you can hone in on the luxury amenities that mean the most to you as a part of the buying process.

    Privacy is one of the main perks that comes with living in the Southern Highlands, as you can choose a large home on an expansive lot nestled within this master planned community. In addition to opting for a sizeable home on an impressive lot, you can think about how you plan to use your space by taking into account amenities like resort-style pools and spas in your search.

    Southern Highlands Golf Club

    Even though your place in Southern Highlands will be equipped with these luxuries, you’ll also have access to every lucrative amenity at the Southern Highlands Golf Club near your home. This golf club is the place to be if you’re dedicated to leading an active lifestyle, as you and your family can take advantage of over 13,000 square feet of state-of-the-art fitness facilities.

    Whether you’re hitting the tennis courts or stopping by the rejuvenating spas every weekend, you can pamper yourself while living a life of luxury on the southern periphery of Las Vegas. You can also spend time with your family while exploring the 50 acres of parks, trails and lakes that stretch across this residential community to embrace the desert’s natural beauty year-round.

    Southern Highlands Real Estate

    The love for outdoor living that Southern Highlands cultivates in its residents is only one of the reasons why this contemporary community is a luxurious place to live in the Las Vegas Valley. Given that you can spend time outside with your loved ones all year while taking in spectacular views of the area’s world famous landmarks, life in these neighborhoods can’t be beat. A Las Vegas dream homes specialist can help you embrace this signature lifestyle, so you can experience the glitz and glam of living in Las Vegas first-hand. If you have any questions about these available properties in Southern Highlands, please don’t hesitate to contact me today.

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