• Midtown Modern Homes by Blue Heron

    Modtown Modern Homes by Blue Heron

    If you’re looking for custom homes by Blue Heron in a hip, urban active community, check out Midtown Modern in downtown Las Vegas. The available properties by this premier design and build firm are the only ones in such close proximity to The Strip. These alluring homes in the Palomino area offer a great opportunity to invest in the booming Sin City real estate market this year.

    Here’s a glimpse into Midtown Modern homes by Blue Heron, so you can discover everything these Clark County properties have to offer homeowners in and around downtown Las Vegas.

    The Palomino Area in Las Vegas, Nevada

    When you’re in the market for an upscale residential neighborhood in downtown Las Vegas, Midtown Modern is a great place to invest in real estate at the heart of Sin City. You’ll be tucked away in a private community, surrounded by Rancho Circle and other nearby neighborhoods. Homes here are nestled in a gate-guarded community that reflects the downtown aesthetic. Here you and your loved ones will be safe and sound in a place with modern mid-century design.

    Custom Homes in Midtown Modern

    The Palomino area in downtown Las Vegas offers single-family homes for the city’s elite, so you can shop a limited offering of 4 modern estates. These properties are subject to new home pricing, and as such, available places in this exclusive cul-de-sac start at $1.5 million. You’ll get what you pay for with your property, courtesy of each home’s pristine custom design. While every Blue Heron project seeks to maintain an area’s architectural integrity, this community is no exception to the rule. Here you can enjoy the architectural diversity in an historic community.

    Luxury Amenities in Homes by Blue Heron

    All Midtown Modern homes by Blue Heron come with a wide range of luxury amenities that only add to their gorgeous contemporary finish and vintage appeal. This firm focuses on maintaining characteristics like mid-century roof lines while incorporating updates like climate-conscious building designs, so you can rest comfortably know that your new place integrates green living. Through an organic construction method that focuses on the detailed placement of windows and doors, these properties also encompass a more energy efficient layout to change up your city lifestyle.

    Things to Do Near Midtown Modern

    Your Midtown Modern home will encompass the latest trends in energy efficient smart home technology while making it easy to enjoy everything Sin City has to offer its residents. Because you’ll be minutes from downtown Las Vegas in this central location, you can make the most of every attraction on The Strip. You have access to the Arts District in addition to casinos, hotels and more, so you and your family will always have something to do in town. Because this neighborhood is also in close proximity to fine dining and luxury shopping, you’ll easily find something to do every day of the week in this historic city center.

    When you’re ready to take the next step toward making your mark on Las Vegas real estate, take a look at Midtown Modern homes by Blue Heron. These elaborate custom houses and their premier active communities illustrate the attention to detail that makes luxury living easy in this community and beyond. With the firm’s thoughtful design, architecture and more, Blue Heron promotes a characteristic style and high level of efficiency that makes each home unique.

    I’ve have extensive knowledge on Blue Heron and have worked with their design team for several past clients. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about Blue Heron or high-end homes and exclusive communities in Las Vegas, so please don’t hesitate to contact me today.

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