• Luxury Smart Homes in Las Vegas

    Las Vegas is home to some of the most extraordinary luxury estates and multimillion-dollar mansions ever conceived. The luxury home market has evolved significantly in just the past decade. Part of this evolution includes the concept of the ‘smart home’. The rapid uptake in mobile telecommunications in just the past few years has created a society that embraces connectivity and has become increasingly reliant on technological devices to make their lives easier and more efficient.

    This technological shift has given rise to a whole new era of smart home automation technologies that are quickly becoming standard features in many luxury homes. The universal ownership of mobile devices by a large percentage of the population has made luxury smart homes in Las Vegas and across the nation increasingly popular.

    Las Vegas Luxury Smart Homes

    Smart Home Automation

    While smart homes have been around for awhile, they have only recently started becoming a more widely adopted feature. With advanced technologies becoming more affordable and easier to implement, more and more home automation features are working their way into luxury home designs.

    Luxury smart homes in Las Vegas give homeowners easy control over many aspects of their home, including security, interior climate, energy use and lighting. The most popular smart home trends marry mobile device controls with hardware installed in the home itself. Most smart homes enable luxury homeowners to control the various functions around their home with the touch of their device’s screen.

    Las Vegas Luxury Smart Homes

    Features of Las Vegas Smart Homes

    These cutting-edge technologies include everything from room-to-room temperature control to customized cinema installations to smart security systems. Home automation can be used to streamline the simple things in your daily routine as well, such as running a bath before you get out of bed or streaming music to any room.

    Basically, anything in your home that uses power can be automated.  Luxury smart homes in Las Vegas provide homeowners with more than just increased efficiency and accessibility, they also go a long way in providing peace of mind. Security systems can be integrated into smart home automation systems and can offer a variety of advanced features including:

    • Key cards
    • Biometric locks
    • Remote locking or unlocking of doors
    • Video footage of activity tripped by motion sensors
    • Live-stream wireless cameras to monitor your home while you’re away
    • Ability to program your entertainment, lights and blinds to mimic your normal routine while you’re out of town.

    Luxury Smart Homes for Sale in Las Vegas

    These features are just scratching the surface of what smart home automation technology can do. Las Vegas smart homes are completely customizable and are tailored to meet the homeowner’s unique lifestyle and schedule. If you would like to learn more about smart homes for sale in Las Vegas, contact luxury real estate agent Gavin Ernstone today at 702.523.3677.

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