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    Luxury is literally defined as the state of great comfort and extravagant living. Opulence, grandeur, magnificence, lavishness and splendor are just some of the terms synonymous with luxury and often used interchangeably. While there are literal definitions of what luxury means, the perception of luxury is somewhat vague and open to debate. This can be especially true in the case of luxury real estate. When it comes to luxury realty in Las Vegas, each buyer has their own unique definition of what luxury means to them.

    For some, a luxury home is defined by the amenities it offers or the convenience and service, while for others it’s all about location and a room with a view. With such a wide variety of definitions – when dealing in luxury realty In Las Vegas – what’s luxurious to some may be ordinary for a few.

    So, what does luxury mean in Las Vegas these days? Well, when it comes to features and amenities, here are some common elements sought by a number of Las Vegas luxury home buyers.

    Marble Bathroom

    For many buyers, marble is a royal material – it is elegant, refined and durable. There are several types and shades to choose from and marble matches well with both stone and wood. It’s versatile as well, and can be used to design anything from a minimalist bathroom to an over the top exquisite vintage masterpiece. Marble flooring is also one of the most beautiful flooring materials available. It is used frequently in not only the bathroom, but throughout other areas of the home as well, such as the kitchen and entryway.

    Marble Bathroom - Vegas Luxury Realty

    Rooftop Deck

    Gone are the days when a deck as an extension of a balcony or patio would be considered luxurious. Today, gorgeous rooftop decks that offer panoramic views of the city and mountains are highly coveted. Today’s luxury buyer looks for an impressive rooftop deck with entertaining in mind.

    Las Vegas Luxury Homes with Rooftop Deck

    Chic Terraces

    With both entertaining and relaxing on the mind, the average luxury buyer is also searching for beautifully designed terraces and courtyards. These terraces may be partially open or completely open, but usually offer a stunning view, whether it’s of a private landscaped garden or the glistening lights of the Las Vegas strip.

    Las Vegas Homes with Terraces

    Expansive Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

    Another quintessential element of luxury realty in Las Vegas is floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall windows. This open style brings the homeowner closer to the natural beauty of the outdoors or the posh glitz and glam of the stunning Vegas skyline.

    Las Vegas Homes with Large Windows

    Extensive Storage

    Storage is an essential element for many, especially when it comes to the kitchen. Expansive storage is fantastic for the homeowner who wants to keep everything handy, but wants to maintain a minimal, clean and polished look.

    Luxury Realty in Las Vegas

    Wine Cellar

    State-of-the-art wine cellars are another feature highly sought after by wealthy buyers. Whether it’s for private storage or designed to be part of the entertainment during parties, custom wine cellars are a hallmark of luxury to many prestige homebuyers.

    Luxury Wine Cellars

    To browse high-end homes that feature many of the luxury amenities listed above, visit our available homes page now!

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