• Las Vegas Luxury Homes with Marble Floors

    If you’re looking for an elegant home that exudes sophistication and grandeur, consider purchasing a Las Vegas luxury home with marble flooring. Marble is easily one of the most attractive flooring materials that you can choose for both the interior and exterior of your house.

    Historically, marble flooring has a reputation for regality, adorning the palaces of kings and queens. This natural material has been used in some of the greatest architectural structures and works of art throughout human history. Many of the high-end properties throughout the Las Vegas Valley feature dazzling marble flooring and baths.

    Las Vegas Luxury Homes with Marble Floors

    The Allure of Residential Marble Flooring

    Though it is ancient, there are many reasons why marble still remains such an alluring material in all its versatile forms.

    Color – Marble slabs and tile are available in an array of beautiful and rich color variations. Marble is known for its striking natural designs that include a spectrum of color swirls and veining that often include crystal pockets. Its broad range of hues and patterns make marble flooring ideal for many different types of home designs, from ultra-modern to classical styles.

    Polish – Marble flooring is set apart from many of its stone counterparts by its ability to take an extremely high polish. This enables manufacturers to create marble surfaces that are stunningly sleek and shiny. Polished marble floors and countertops exhibit such a lustrous sheen that they almost appear to be wet. This type of flooring makes a strong statement of luxury and is great for foyers and entryways.

    Light – Marble has a slightly translucent quality that allows illumination in a room to penetrate the surface of marble materials that are lighter in color. This property can cause marble flooring to take on a slight glowing quality. Pure white marble in particular can give out a unique brilliance in the right light. However, the play of light across darker marbles can be quite striking as well.

    Las Vegas Luxury Homes with Marble Bath

    Homes with Marble Flooring in Vegas

    Las Vegas is a city known for its extravagance and luxury. From Caesars Palace to the Bellagio, shiny marble finishes abound. Not to be outdone, much of the luxury real estate in Vegas rivals the five star hotels of The Strip when it comes to flooring. From awe-inspiring grand entryways to Italian marble baths, these homes elicit a sense of enchantment and ethereal grace. Vaulted ceilings, neoclassical marble columns and marble courtyards all come together to create the explicit feeling of living in a palace.

    If you are interested in owning a Las Vegas luxury home with marble flooring, you have a number of impressive homes to choose from. Contact the Dream Homes Specialist today at 702.523.3677 to get started on the search for your personal dream home!


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