• Las Vegas Luxury Homes with Chef’s Kitchen

    If you love to cook and entertain, then you need a kitchen that is functional, efficient and beautiful. The right design layout, sinks, storage, stainless steel appliances and counter-tops can transform even the dullest kitchen into a chef’s dream space. Las Vegas luxury homes with gourmet kitchens have become increasingly popular in recent years. Not only do chef’s kitchens make luxury homes look more polished and refined, they also go a long way in adding significant value to just about any home.

    Las Vegas Luxury Homes with Chef’s Kitchen

    Luxury Home Gourmet Kitchen Features

    Chef’s kitchens are essentially professional grade kitchens built directly into the home. These high-performance kitchens are often defined by ample storage space, spacious food preparation areas, easy to clean surfaces and the presence of professional grade appliances. Luxury gourmet kitchens revolve around making the cooking process as streamlined and enjoyable as possible for the home chef. Common features found in Las Vegas Luxury homes with chef’s kitchens include the following.

    Pro-Style Sinks

    Gourmet kitchens often have restaurant grade sinks that also include restaurant-style sprayers. These sprayers have a high pressure pull out nozzle that’s great for ‘blasting off’ food debris from plates. Even though the larger versions aren’t suitable for most luxury homes, plenty of smaller residential versions are available and fit easily into home gourmet kitchen designs.

    Touch-less faucets are also a common convenience found in gourmet kitchens, enabling you to activate the faucet with the simple wave of a hand. This reduces germ contamination and makes prep work go much faster.

    High Quality Lighting

    The right lighting is essential to creating the ideal chef’s kitchen in your luxury home. Recessed lights, under-cabinet task lighting, skylights and light pendants are all common lighting options found in high-end kitchens.

    LED lighting is another popular choice for pro-style kitchens. Many of the Las Vegas Luxury homes with chef’s kitchens play with how they integrate LED lighting into their overall environment. While some kitchens integrate task lighting into prep areas, others focus on ensuring that the entire area is well lit for optimal performance.

    Open Floor Plans

    Professional-style home kitchens take advantage of the open concept floor plan. Open floor plans not only allow for more space, they also enable the cook to interact with family and friends while preparing meals. It is important that kitchens with open floor plans are designed with efficiency in mind. For this reason, larger gourmet kitchens with open floor layouts often have two sinks and a large center island for optimal workflow.


    Find Luxury Homes with Dream Kitchens

    There are a wide variety of Las Vegas Luxury homes with chef’s kitchens to choose from. If you’ve always dreamed of having a professional-grade kitchen in the convenience and comfort of your own home, then it’s time to make that dream a reality! Browse our available properties page now to see some of the most exquisite chef’s kitchens in the finest luxury homes Las Vegas has to offer.

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