• Las Vegas Luxury Home with Exercise Room

    The luxury homes of Las Vegas are outfitted with just about every custom feature you can imagine. From wine cellars to home theaters to outdoor kitchens, these extravagant estates are decked out with an array of luxurious amenities suited to those who enjoy the finer things in life.

    For many Las Vegas luxury home owners, a home gym is a must-have amenity. Having your own personal home exercise room is essential for many of today’s busy families and individuals. The rise of in-home gyms in recent years is driven largely by time-strapped professionals and parents who want the ability to work out when they choose. Having a Las Vegas luxury home with an exercise room makes regular exercise significantly more convenient for the health-conscious individual.

    Las Vegas Luxury Home with exercise room

    In contrast to your local fitness center, a home gym has no monthly membership fees, no commute times and no waiting in line for exercise machines. Custom home gyms provide homeowners with a personalized and convenient space to work out in the privacy of their own home whenever they like.

    An exercise space or studio not only adds value to homeowners’ lives, home gyms can also add value to the property itself as this feature continues to be appealing to high-end buyers.

    High-End Home Gym Designs

    Exercise rooms don’t have to be stark and uninspiring. In fact, many of the Las Vegas luxury homes with home gyms have fitness spaces designed for both high-style and high-function. These custom exercise rooms are aesthetically congruent with the rest of the home and often incorporate outdoor living environments near the pool or garden. Many take advantage of the stunning views of the downtown sparkling lights or the beautiful desert landscape, giving homeowners something inspiring to look at while they work up a sweat.

    Other home gym designs take advantage of high tech gadgetry, with integrated televisions, wall-mounted speakers and entertainments systems. While most home gyms are fairly modest with a few pieces of equipment such as a treadmill and multifunctional exercise machine, some affluent homeowners have opted to build in-home gyms that rival their commercial counterparts. These oversized exercise rooms often feature open floor plans, vaulted ceilings, floor-to-ceiling mirrors and are overstocked with professional grade fitness equipment. Many even have their own bathroom or shower facility.

    Las Vegas Luxury Home with exercise room

    In addition to home gyms, another growing trend in alternative spaces is home yoga studios and meditation rooms. These spaces often feature minimalist design, adjustable lighting and windows that open up to the garden or another nature scene.

    Find Las Vegas Luxury Properties with Home Gyms

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