• Las Vegas Schools

    Las Vegas Schools

    While Las Vegas gets a lot of attention for its shopping, dining, and entertainment, the city also offers a wealth of resources for families. Boasting excellent outdoor recreation and some of the state’s top schools, it’s easy to see why families love this community. Whether you’re considering a move to Las Vegas or simply want to learn more about the schools that service the area, we’ve put together this overview of the Las Vegas school system that will help you get better acquainted with its offerings.

    A Breakdown of Las Vegas Schools

    As a part of the Clark County school district, schools in Las Vegas have a continued focus on student achievement and innovative learning. The county’s curriculums have been developed to help both parents and students to understand what is expected of them during their respective school years.

    With over 375 schools within the district, Clark County strives to provide and maintain facilities and education professionals dedicated to ensuring students of Clark County receive the tools necessary to achieve success in the future.

    In April 2014, the Clark County school district announced a district vision plan for the future which included seven focus areas and corresponding goals. This was called “The Pledge of Achievement.” The Pledge of Achievement was designed to focus on the following areas: proficiency, academic growth, achievement gaps, college and career readiness, value, disproportionality, and family/community engagement and customer service.

    Here are the strategic targets details according to the Pledge of Achievement:


    • Annually reduce the percentage of students not yet proficient in assessed subjects and grades.
    • Increase teacher access to and enrollment in rigorous professional development aligned to the Nevada Academic Content
    • Standards (NACS). Annually decrease the number of vacant teacher positions in all assessed subjects and grades.

    Academic Growth

    • Elementary and middle schools will increase the percentage of students achieving adequate growth percentile.
    • High schools will improve first-time pass rate percentages on end of course exams beginning in 2015–2016.
    • Utilize a districtwide consistent, balanced assessment program that minimizes time spent conducting assessments, maximizes instructional time and provides usable data.

    Achievement Gaps

    • Annually reduce the percentage point gap between proficiency of highest and lowest scoring subgroups.
    • Increase the percentage of staff who use instructional strategies that reach diverse learners.
    • Increase opportunities for collecting real-time feedback and providing swift responses.

    College and Career Readiness

    • Annually increase the percentage of students eligible to graduate.
    • Annually increase the number and percentage of students earning 3+ on Advanced Placement (AP) Exams.
    • Annually increase the number and percentage of students earning postsecondary credit (dual credit, Tech Prep credit, and AP credit).
    • Annually increase student participation in the 21st Century Course of Study Expectations (contingent upon requirements set forth by the Nevada Department of Education).
    • Annually increase the percentage of eligible students completing Career and Technical Education Certificate of Skill Attainment.
    • Annually increase the percentage of schools that adopt and implement a character education program with trained staff, students and parents in program fundamentals.
    • Annually increase the number of graduate advocate mentors utilized in the schools.

    Value/Return on Investment

    • Annually improve the return on investment (ROI) within programs and practices.
    • Annually increase innovative practices that yield improved benefit.
    • Annually increase the number of programs evaluated for efficiency and effectiveness.


    • Annually decrease disproportionality of staff diversity by race or ethnicity and gender.
    • Annually decrease disproportionality in expulsions and suspensions by race and gender.
    • Annually decrease disproportionality in participation rates for advanced programs by race or ethnicity, gender and disability.
    • Increase the percentage of school-based personnel trained in cultural competency.

    Family/Community Engagement and Customer Service

    • Increase yearly the number of schools that have a parent organization.
    • Increase the number of organized, effective parent trainings.
    • Increase parent participation in trainings.
    • Improve parent participation in school events.
    • Annually increase professional development for principals and staff related to effective family and community engagement.
    • Increase positive communication about our schools to the community.
    • Increase parent satisfaction with schools.
    • Annually increase the number of business, government and nonprofit partnerships that support student success.
    • Increase number of students, parents and staff who feel safe at school.
    • Increase number of schools with formal programs that address bullying.

    The pledge is available for all members of the community to work together towards the commitment of working together towards a higher level of achievement in all the Clark County schools. The long term goals included putting together a plan for the future by better training and preparing the current and future teachers within the district.

    This also meant that there was an added focus to student engagement along with parents and the members of the community. The pledge also added a new level of accountability encouraging better scores on the district scorecard with an open invitation for the community to monitor the progress.

    Clark County School District – Las Vegas

    As of April 2014, there were 217 elementary schools, 59 middle schools, 49 high schools, 24 alternative schools, 8 special schools and 7 board-sponsored charter schools, making it the fifth largest school district in the country. A complete directory of the Clark County schools can be found here.

    More recently, the Clark County school district won the AP District of the Year awarded by the College Board which takes into account 547 school districts across the nation and Canada.

    Relocating to Las Vegas?

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