• Las Vegas Relocation Guide

    Welcome to Las Vegas

    Relocating to any new city can be an exciting yet challenging time. You’ve got to learn the lay of the land, where to go grocery shopping, find the nearest dry cleaner and navigate school districts, utilities and more. We know it can seem overwhelming, so we’ve put together this quick list of things you might need to know about relocating to Las Vegas.
    This isn’t a comprehensive list – there’s so many wonderful things to know about our great communities. But we think this will certainly get you started.

    Living the Las Vegas Lifestyle

    Living in Las Vegas is different from living in other cities. Comprised of over 600 square miles, desert winds are sometimes prevalent with summer heats reaching as high as 120 degrees. With little humidity here, there seems to be an ideal climate most of the year with over 300 days of sunshine and little rainfall.

    One common misconception is that Las Vegas has a high cost of living. Actually, the cost of living in Las Vegas is less than the national average which isn’t bad for a town known for tourism and also as a business hub. Housing is also more affordable in Las Vegas and when you add the lack of income tax, new residents are happy to get the break. Area residents are also pleased with the wide selection of Las Vegas communities, all of which feature different amenities, homes and locations.

    Another thing you should know before moving to Las Vegas is the wealth of opportunities that exist. For those who are bringing their business with them or starting their business in the Entertainment Capital of the World, a lot of business is done downtown or on one of the many golf courses throughout the city.

    Getting Familiar with the Las Vegas Neighborhoods

    Rich with culture and luxury amenities, the areas of Las Vegas are unlike any other. Some areas to make yourself familiar with include downtown, the art district, and the LV Startup Block.

    Downtown Las Vegas is an area focused on real estate development, tech startups and small business ventures. In addition to hotels and casinos, this area also boasts a large culinary scene and beautiful buildings. The Downtown area attracts many young and educated professionals.

    Just south of Downtown, the Arts District is home to many boutiques, yoga studios and art galleries. It’s an eclectic area that brings more than 20,000 patrons during the monthly First Friday arts festival.
    The LV Startup Block is a micro-community filled with like-minded individuals working closely together in the startup sector. As more
    startups emerge on this block, the area will become more prevalent with rising living and working spaces.

    Getting Around Las Vegas

    Las Vegas is surprisingly navigable even if you don’t have your own car, particularly downtown and the Strip. There’s also public transport and concierge services that can make life easier, if you’re new to the area. While most of downtown is walk and bike friendly, you’re welcome to take a ride on a city bus, monorail or by taking a cab.

    If you are going to drive your own car, there are some areas to avoid until you find your way around the city:
    During the day, it’s a good idea to stay away from Koval Lane near the Strip. Due to a large amount of commercial traffic, you’re sure to run into delays.

    Parallel to the Strip and I-15, Dean Martin Drive is primarily used by locals since it’s a great connector road.
    If you’re looking for an alternative to Las Vegas Boulevard, consider taking Frank Sinatra Boulevard if you’re driving near the Strip, but keep in mind that it’s nearly impossible to get off of south of Industrial Road or north of Russell Road.

    One of the great things about living in a city that never sleeps is the availability to grocery and food deliveries and also to laundry services. If you don’t have time to cook or if you’re just feeling a little lazy, order take out from one of the hundreds of places to eat in Las Vegas.

    City of Las Vegas

    Helpful Las Vegas Resources

    If you’re moving into a new home or a short-term rental, you’ll need to set up utility services and have access to county information.






    Fire and Police

    Ready to Make Your Move to Las Vegas?

    Regardless if you’re moving to Las Vegas for work or a loved one, living in Las Vegas is a wonderful experience filled with opportunities for both business and pleasure.

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