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    In Las Vegas luxury real estate is loosely classified as the above-$1 million luxury high-end market. Those of us who position ourselves in this segment develop and eye for quality and an ear for priorities.

    Las Vegas is famous for its five-star service culture. As a haven of luxury, plus a crossroads of many cultures this diversity magnet appeals to buyers from around the globe with discerning tastes and preferences. As a Las Vegas luxury realtor, I’ve honed my proficiencies in summarizing and addressing my client’s wish lists.

    Here in the valley, you can find almost any cuisine, plus entertainment choices that range from sporting arenas to parks. Las Vegas is a recognized recreational hub that appeals to the fitness buff, the yoga practitioner, and the mountain biker. When you return home, an ultra-private retreat equipped for large-scale entertaining awaits—the perfect balance between living and lifestyle.

    Architectural styles vary throughout the desert valley, taking their cue from the many international and forward-thinking influences that tag along with visitors and new arrivals.

    Custom neighborhood developments will showcase Adobe haciendas, Italianate villas, and recently the revival of modernist mid century glass-and-concrete homes.

    The location, amenities, fees, views and price point, will appeal to different buyers. A consistent benefit of luxury real estate in Las Vegas is the range of housing options which include high-rise penthouses on the Strip to multi-acre estates on elevated mountain lots.

    Las Vegas Luxury Realtor, The Buyer’s Side

    High-rise buildings present unique opportunities to purchase top-level penthouses, gray shell, and several units in one transaction. Wraparound, 270-degree views of the city often accompany these perches. You might even see a helicopter fly by, or maybe an Elvis descending onto the Strip.

    Premier single-family housing developments like the Red Hawk community of The Ridges, near The Ridges golf course, surround homeowners with exotic materials, like Indonesian sandstone bricks and Afrormosia teak. These materials form complex textures while creating an earthy ambiance within contemporary architectural designs.

    Artistic elements like stained-glass doorways, Koi fishponds, inlaid glass designs, and backlit onyx will personalize your space immediately. These subtle touches allow style to emanate from every viewpoint without overwhelming the senses.

    Entertaining is a time-honored tradition in Las Vegas. With all the options available in the valley, it’s easy to see why we Las Vegans incorporate merriment into our homes as well as in social hotspots.

    Technology brings home extras like state-of-the-art movie theaters with Kaleidescape digital servers that will hold thousands of movies and songs.

    You and your guests will enjoy outside grilling in custom outdoor kitchens surrounded by fire pots and programmable lighting and climate helpers like misters and all-weather fans. Our oasis furnishes water via hot tubs, elaborate, expansive infinity-edge swimming pools, poolside lounge, water features and whatever the imagination can conjure.

    For time away from the crowds, thoughtful details such as outside conversation corners provide seclusion and privacy.

    Las Vegas Luxury Realtor, The Seller’s Side

    When the time comes to sell your luxury homestead, my extensive marketing efforts are put to use. As a Las Vegas luxury realtor, I can identify a target audience for your property, such as a potential for move-up buyers. Move-up buyers reflect the migration from smaller homes to increased square footage.

    Walking through the property is a time to make note of discernable highlights. When providing details for marketing materials, I like to point out features such as these:

    Desert architects are adept at capturing the natural light and filtering it throughout the home environment with rooftop skylights, circular windows, and full-length sliding glass pocket doors made from glass that prevents outside temperatures from transferring to the inner part of the wall.

    Embedded wine closets with transparent rack spaces are an essential for entertaining and are worry free thanks to automated sensor technologies that control the interior climate. A favorite addition for the desert gardener is a “potting and planting” room, producing specimens that will add to the beauty of the surrounding landscapes.

    Crestron systems that connect the entertainment features, lighting, temperature controls, environmental controls and motorized mechanisms like televisions, music systems and even a player piano.

    Landscaping that incorporates our natural desert habitat for native desert dwellers is both low maintenance and adds curb appeal.

    Buying, Selling, or Both? 

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