• Las Vegas Luxury Home with Terrace

    When it comes to high-end properties, “Las Vegas luxury home with terrace” is a commonly-searched term. If you live in the brightest city on earth, it’s only natural to want to take advantage of the views. In addition to the glittering neon lights of downtown, Las Vegas residents also enjoy a uniquely beautiful desert landscape. Situated in the Mojave Desert, the city is surrounded by stunning mountain ranges that offer sweeping views of the Las Vegas Valley.

    The majestic qualities of the desert combined with plenty of sunshine make outdoor spaces an essential feature to many Las Vegas luxury homes. Terraces and rooftop decks have become an increasingly popular feature sought out by many of today’s luxury buyers, and for good reason. This type of outdoor space offers homeowners considerable versatility for entertaining, relaxing and extending their living space.

    Las Vegas Luxury Home with Terrace

    Rooftop Decks and Terraces

    Today, terraces are a common feature in modern and contemporary home designs. Many of the contemporary homes in Las Vegas feature very simplistic, geometrical designs that emphasize cube shaped spaces. This move toward modular architecture means that many modern luxury homes have flat roofs, making it easy to transform this space into an elegant roof terrace. This is a great way to extend the usable space of a property and take advantage of expansive views over the city or natural landscapes.


    Terraces and rooftop decks come in many different forms. From rooftop gardens to outdoor dining and living rooms complete with fireplace, Las Vegas luxury homes with terraces push the limits of residential design and construction.

    Las Vegas Homes with Pool Terraces

    Poolside terraces are one of the more popular ways to implement this design into luxury homes. With more than 300 days of sunshine every year, pools and outdoor water features are a common feature in many home designs here. These terraces often feature infinity pools that take full advantage of the scenic views. Whether you’re looking for a chic lounge atmosphere complete with panoramic views of the city lights, or a more relaxing space to contemplate the natural beauty around you, a poolside terrace is the perfect space to unwind and let loose.

    Las Vegas Luxury Home with Rooftop Deck

    Find Las Vegas Homes with Rooftop Decks and Terraces

    Looking for your perfect Las Vegas dream home? Gavin Ernstone – the Dream Homes Specialist – can help! Gavin understands that every buyer is unique and that there is no one-size-fits all when it comes to purchasing a luxury home. For nearly 20 years, Gavin has been helping families and individuals find the perfect property based on their unique tastes, lifestyle, comfort and amenity needs. Whether you’re looking for an ultra-chic condo with extraordinary views of the Las Vegas Strip, or something a little further away from all the action, Gavin will help match you to your dream home.

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