• Las Vegas Homes with Pools for Sale

    To most people, swimming pools are often associated with luxury. In many cases, they’re right. There are a rising number of Las Vegas homes with pools for sale that push the boundaries of what people have come to expect from luxury design and high-end architecture. For many luxury homeowners in Vegas, the swimming pool is an integral component of the home’s architectural theme and landscape design.

    Las Vegas Homes with Pools for Sale

    What Designer Swimming Pools Add to Luxury Homes

    Swimming pools are found in the backyards of many traditional homes throughout the United States. At luxury homes, however, what most people think constitutes a swimming pool often gets challenged.

    Today’s luxury designer swimming pools are setting new standards in extravagance, and in Las Vegas, where the pool is often associated with a sumptuous entertainment space, the pressure to up the wow-factor is even greater. The luxury home swimming pools of Las Vegas span a broad range of opulent designs. You’ll find everything from minimalistic, zen-inspired spas to expansive, palace-style pools adorned in jewels and gold.

    There’s no real limit to the type of space and environment that a luxury pool designer can create. Since the swimming pool is such a vital element in a luxury home’s design and aesthetic appeal, many high-end buyers spare no expense when it comes to constructing their dream swimming pool.

    Luxury Las Vegas Homes with Pools

    While plenty of luxury home owners do make use of their designer pools, many of the Las Vegas homes with pools for sale were initially designed as a fashion and lifestyle statement. Designer swimming pools add great value to an already highly valuable home. For the wealthy individual, a designer pool can often be a creative way to stand out and make a statement.

    For this reason, luxury pool designers take great liberties designing custom pools befitting their luxury clients’ lifestyle needs. For the individual looking for Las Vegas luxury homes with pools for sale, there is certainly no shortage of magnificent and unique properties to choose from.

    The Vanishing Edge Pool

    When it comes to Las Vegas luxury homes, one swimming pool design that is notably prevalent is the vanishing edge pool. The vanishing edge swimming pool goes by many different names; the infinity edge, disappearing edge, zero edge, negative edge, or infinity pool.

    Las Vegas Homes with Infinity Pools

    Vanishing edge pools are associated with elegance and luxury – and with good reason. These architecturally impressive pools are defined by the presence of at least one edge that looks as if it’s vanishing into the horizon. Coupled with the pool’s natural reflective nature, a vanishing edge pool adds an especially luxurious touch to a home. Some people have waterfalls or other water works installed at the other side of the vanishing edge to complete the look and accentuate the sense of the pool blending seamlessly with its natural surroundings or the sparking city lights.

    This type of swimming pool is best suited for homes in higher elevated areas throughout Las Vegas. So, if you’re searching for truly remarkable Las Vegas homes with pools for sale, consider areas with higher elevations to find some of the most extraordinary infinity pool designs.

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