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    Las Vegas Entertainment

    Viva Las Vegas!

    Las Vegas is world famous for its plethora of casinos and sizzling nightlife, but if you ask anyone who lives here, you’ll find there is far more to Vegas than gambling and nightlife. There are so many options for Las Vegas entertainment that it can be overwhelming for newcomers and visitors to the city. This guide will give you an overview of places to go, things to do, and where to eat in “Sin City.”

    Places to Go in Las Vegas

    There is something for everyone looking for Las Vegas entertainment, from the thrill seekers to those seeking a little rest and relaxation. While this is certainly not an all-inclusive list, we’ve curated some of the top places to go in Las Vegas for you below.

    Amusement Parks: You’ll find thrills you won’t find anywhere else at Las Vegas’ many amusement parks. Atop the Stratosphere Tower, you get an incredible view of the entire city from more than a thousand feet off of the ground. Propel hundreds of feet above the ground on thrill rides like the Big Shot, the Insanity, and the High Roller.

    Casinos: From high rollers to novice gamblers Las Vegas has casinos galore and is certain to have one to suit your fancy. The most famous casinos also include a smorgasbord of Las Vegas entertainment, including upscale restaurants, star-studded shows, and luxurious hotel suites. Below is a short list of some of the most popular casinos in the city.

    Shows: Some of your favorite acts and stars are performing in Las Vegas. Musical artists like Celine Dion and Elton John, top comedians like Jerry Seinfeld and Eddie Griffin, and famous magicians like Penn and Teller and David Copperfield all perform here regularly. You cannot leave Las Vegas without catching a show or two. Don’t miss Cirque De Soleil’s tribute to Michael Jackson – it is amazing!

    Spas: What could be better after an active day of sightseeing and Las Vegas entertainment than to relax at one of the many transcendent spas? If you stay at the Monte Carlo, the Mirage, or Mandalay Bay, they have some of the most popular spas in town.

    Things to Do

    Too bad that most people only think of casinos when they think of Vegas. The city offers that and so much more. Here are some exciting things to do for thrill seekers, golfers, and tourists in Las Vegas.

    Skydiving: You won’t jump from a plane, but it sure does feel like it when you go to Vegas Indoor Skydiving. Inside of a wind tunnel, this venue for the adventurers provides an extraordinary simulation of free-fall skydiving. It is an experience you won’t soon forget.

    Zip-lining: Still want more? The VooDoo Zip Line shoots you between two towers 20 stories up at over 30 miles per hour for nearly half a mile. Soar across the Las Vegas Strip and catch amazing views of the desert while speeding along the zip line.

    Touring: Tours are a great way to see everything there is to see in Vegas. There are so many museums, exhibits, and attractions that guided tours may be your best bet to see it all. See some of your favorite celebs in wax at Madame Tussauds Las Vegas. View recovered items from the famed Titanic at the Titanic Artifact Exhibit, or see what it feels like in the middle of the ocean at the Shark Reef Aquarium.

    Golfing: Golf enthusiasts will love the options for playing rounds of golf in Las Vegas. Just within the city there are more than a dozen golf courses ranging from $25 per round public courses to championship courses at $200 per round. The Strip alone boasts three golf courses ranging from championship greens to short courses.

    Where to Eat

    There are literally hundreds of choices for dining in Las Vegas. From fine dining to casual eateries to dinner and a show at one of the hotel resort casinos, eating is a big part of Las Vegas entertainment.

    Fine Dining: Enjoy French, Italian, Mediterranean, and American cuisine at some of Las Vegas’ upscale restaurants like:

    Casual Dining: If a burger or a buffet is what you are looking for, Vegas has plenty of casual dining options including southern cuisine, Chinese, pizza, American steakhouses, and more:

    International Cuisine: There is a little taste of everything from everywhere in Las Vegas. Here are some of the international cuisines that you will find along the Vegas Strip:

    • Brazilian
    • Cajun
    • Cantonese
    • Chinese
    • Creole
    • European
    • French
    • Hawaiian
    • Italian
    • Japanese
    • Mediterranean
    • Mexican
    • Pan-Asian
    • Vietnamese

    It doesn’t matter if you have lived in Las Vegas your whole life or just got to town yesterday, there is something special to discover every day.

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