• Las Vegas Custom Homes

    People work hard to obtain wealth not only to achieve freedom from financial stress, but to enable them to design their own dream life – and for many Americans, a huge component of this is attaining their dream home. ‘Dream Homes’ come in many different forms, but most share one thing in common – customization.

    Custom homes are a one-of-a-kind home that has been meticulously designed to meet the needs and standands of a specific person or location. As opposed to model or spec homes, custom homes are completely unique, combining refined architecture, artistic design and detailed craftsmanship to create something truly extraordinarily.

    Las Vegas custom homes are in a league of their own. These properties are carefully customized to the last detail, incorporating modern design, smart technology and loads of luxury amenities.

    Las Vegas Custom Homes

    Custom homes are typically larger than standard homes. After all, to modify a home to your tastes requires room to do so. Once the Las Vegas market improved after the recession, many luxury homes were further customized to appeal to an affluent market searching for a bigger or better home.

    But, it’s not just about bigger with Las Vegas custom homes. It’s also about improving the overall layout of the home itself. That’s why many Las Vegas custom homes embrace what’s known as the open floor plan. This layout opens up a significant portion of the home, removing walls and/or doors to bring all of the rooms and open areas into one cohesive space. This look creates an elegant sense of grandeur and openness. Many people now search for Las Vegas homes with open floor plans – or homes that can be customized into one.

    Las Vegas Custom Homes

    The Must Have Features of Las Vegas Custom Homes

    The definition of a ‘Dream Home’ varies from person to person. But there are some features and amenities that most consider to be essential to achieving not only an attractive home, but also a high performance one. When it comes to buying a Las Vegas custom home, some of the most sought after features include:

    • Spacious kitchens: Most people dream of having their own spacious, gourmet kitchen. These ‘chef’s kitchens’ often feature open floor plans that allow the kitchen to blend seamlessly with the living room and dining room.
    • Energy efficiency: Many of today’s Las Vegas custom homes are energy efficient and as environmentally friendly as possible. These homes host high efficiency insulation, water heaters, furnaces and have been constructed from eco-friendly materials.
    • Floor-to-Ceiling Windows: Large, open windows are a hugely popular feature of custom homes. With the glittering downtown lights of The Strip and the striking desert landscape, the views from many of these custom homes are truly something to behold. Aside from the breathtaking vistas they provide, oversized windows also allow more natural light to filter into the home, making it appear brighter and larger.
    • Outdoor Living Spaces: The Las Vegas Valley offers a truly beautiful environment. Most of the custom homes here take advantage of this aspect with extravagant outdoor living spaces and unique architecture that integrates this natural beauty into the home itself.

    Buy Your Dream Las Vegas Dream Home

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