• Homes for Sale in Summerlin

    Luxury homes are abundant in most affluent areas in Nevada, specifically the general area that’s closest to Las Vegas. Much of the luxurious real estate in Nevada is in relatively close proximity to The City of Lights itself, making the area that much more appealing to those who enjoy a life full of glitz, glamour, and indulgences.

    Summerlin is one of the most affluent areas in the general Las Vegas area. This prestigious community is located in the Las Vegas Valley region of Nevada, situated near the Spring Mountains and the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

    Homes for Sale in Summerlin

    Fast Facts – The Community of Summerlin

    • The population is around 100,000 (as of 2010 Census).
    • The community is known for hosting a variety of great amenities and services for medical, recreational, educational, cultural, commercial and residential purposes.
    • Summerlin has been rated as ‘one of the fastest growing communities’ in the country. The population is up nearly 50 percent from its 2000 population, which was an estimated 59,000.
    • The community is one of the most prosperous in Las Vegas; the average household income in Summerlin is $128,000.

    Luxury Homes of Summerlin

    Summerlin is a community known for its abundance of luxury homes and amenities. The community itself is made up of a number of different villages and subdivisions that include:

    • Summerlin North
    • Summerlin South
    • Summerlin West
    • Summerlin Centre

    The community of Summerlin presents an opportunity for families and retirees to live in luxury while experiencing the best of what a master-planned community with exceptional growth can offer. Within Summerlin’s villages, you’ll find some of the area’s most beautiful neighborhoods and hundreds of remarkable luxury homes for sale in Summerlin. These properties are suitable for a variety of different families and individuals. From the first time buyer searching for the perfect starter home to seniors looking for age restricted golf course communities, Summerlin has it all.

    Summerlin is currently expanding, and is expected to top out at over 64,000 homes by 2020. It is anticipated that the development of these new homes and neighborhoods will help the community’s population double by 2020, bringing the current population from 100,000 to as much as 200,000.

    The community of Summerlin was also one of the first to adopt ‘desert landscaping,’ also known in some respects as Xeroscaping. This low or ‘no water’ landscaping style has helped the community improve its public image, making it that much more appealing to prospective buyers.

    Homes for Sale in Summerlin

    Summerlin Real Estate

    The real estate prices in this community range from the modest to the high-end. Many starter homes start a little under $200,000, whereas the luxury custom homes for sale in Summerlin often command prices well into the millions, some costing as much as $5 million.

    If you’re looking for a premier, master-planned community that’s just a short drive to the heart of all the Las Vegas action, then Summerlin is the perfect choice! Contact The Dream Homes Specialist, Gavin Ernstone, to learn more about available homes for sale in Summerlin.



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