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    5 Yorkridge Court Las Vegas

    A Cost of Living Comparison: Las Vegas vs Henderson

    Do you know how much it costs to live in the greater Las Vegas area? Whether you’re new to this part of Nevada or you’ve been living here for a while, there’s a price to pay for living the good life in Sin City. The cost of real estate, utilities and property taxes are all …

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    24 Sun Glow Lane Las Vegas

    A Guide to Closing a Home Sale in Las Vegas

    Are you looking to buy a luxury home in Las Vegas? Whether you’re new to the area or you’ve been living in Southern Nevada for a while, it’s important to take the time to familiarize yourself with the process of buying and selling a house in this competitive real estate market. The details regarding …

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    99 Hawk Ridge Drive

    LA Dreams Magazine Profile: 99 Hawk Ridge Drive

    The Ridges in Summerlin is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods Las Vegas has to offer its elite. With impressive luxury homes resting on expansive multi-acre lots, the city’s most affluent residents can enjoy both convenience and privacy in the comfort of their own homes. 99 Hawk Ridge Drive, the ultimate Las Vegas Estate, is …

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    residential communities in Henderson NV

    5 Luxury Residential Communities in Henderson

    Are you looking for premier neighborhoods in Henderson? This greater Las Vegas area is home to a number of exclusive residential communities. Therefore, breaking free from the City of Las Vegas and focusing your search in the City of Henderson is an effective way to find the right luxury home for you.
    Henderson hosts …

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    buying investment properties in Las Vegas

    6 Do’s and Dont’s when Buying Investment Properties in Las Vegas

    Are you in the market for investment properties in Las Vegas? Sin City is smart place to invest your money whether you’ve been buying homes and apartments to rent in this area for a while or you’re looking to broaden your financial horizons in a new city.
    Before you commit to a place within …

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    outdoor entertaining in Las Vegas luxury homes

    11 Must-Haves for Outdoor Entertaining in Las Vegas Luxury Homes

    Are you planning to use your new luxury home in Las Vegas to host the city’s elite? Sin City’s wealthiest residents have demanding social calendars year-round, so it’s important to buy a place where you can entertain friends and family at any time. The beautiful weather in southern Nevada makes throwing parties a breeze every season, …

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    luxury home technology

    8 Trends in Luxury Home Technology

    Are you looking for a place in Las Vegas with the latest smart home technology? Because many innovative household gadgets are made with luxury homes in mind, many premier properties for sale in and around the city feature the latest technologies. The newest domestic devices and services will be released throughout 2017, so start thinking of …

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    90 Meadowhawk Lane

    10 Ways 90 Meadowhawk Lane Exemplifies Las Vegas Luxury Real Estate

    Do you know a thing or two about real estate in Las Vegas? Whether you’re native to southern Nevada or you’re new to the area, 90 Meadowhawk Lane is a great example of the city’s luxury real estate. This magnificent home is a breath of fresh air in the area’s exclusive community The Ridges. …

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    99 Hawk Ridge Drive

    15 Reasons to Make 99 Hawk Ridge Drive Your Las Vergas Paradise

    Are you looking for a premium estate in Las Vegas? 99 Hawk Ridge Drive is ideal if you’re searching for the perfect plot of land and a fabulous mansion in the heart of The Ridges. Because this exclusive Sin City community doesn’t offer large plots of land, this spectacular home is one-of-a-kind. The previous owner …

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    1580 Villa Rica Drive

    14 Must-See Features at 1580 Villa Rica Drive

    Are you looking for a golden opportunity to invest in Las Vegas luxury real estate? 1580 Villa Rica Drive is now on the market, and this stunning home presents the perfect opportunity to invest in high quality Las Vegas property at a reduced rate. With its convenient location, amazing makeover potential and array of …

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